American cockerspaniel kennel "Hamistu“
Welcome in our FCI registered kennel of an amerian cockerspaniel "Hamistu“, which is found in pitoresque "Macha shire" right by the castle Bezděz.
We breed american cockerspaniels since 1996. Priority of our kennel is always health of our breedings and their ancestors. We watch eye deseases as Cataracta and PRA, which lead to blindness when a dog is affceted. Mentioned eye diseases are weakness of the breed, that is why all our breeding females and stud males are checked every year for Cataract and PRA.
Each breeding registered dog in our kennel has a genetical test with result - test DNA for PRA: CLEAR.
Health, character but also exterier meeting requirement of standart of an american cockerspaniel is a priority in our kennel.

Are you looking for a puppy?
When you choose a puppy it is very important to look where the puppies are growing up. Taking care of puppies and also adult dogs is also very important. The basic care of the dog subsist cleanness, grooming also make sure that dogs have healthy looking fragrant ears, dogs must not have skin problems and parasites etc.
Another very often neglected base of the right breeding is food. Whole development, coat quality, lenght of life, health of a dog rests on choosing a good quality food.
Vaccination, deworming and complete socialisation of a puppy is a matter of fact at our place.
We spend with our dogs 24 hours a day, that means our dogs have whole-day care. They are having a bath once a week and we use only quality profi cosmetics. They have their own room, which is used mostly for sleeping. During the day they are in our company. Our dogs are members of the family, our dog kids, without them we can't imagine to live our lifes!
Puppies are bred in family atmosphere, we use only top-quality food coming from czech or abroad market.

The bases you give to your puppy is what you will have when it grows up!
All this will reflect in a cost of a puppy. But in any case we advice to all not save up for cost of a puppy from good kennel. In the second case you find out, that what you saved when buying a puppy, will not cover all the spends for treatment of puppy from a breeder of non-pedigre dogs of "american cockerspaniels". And I do not talk only about treatment of eyes and ears but also about other very serious deseases!!!
Our dogs have great results in show rings as well. They have many titles an we feel proud of it. It is very nice treat for the maximum of care we give them all our time.
We keep in touch with new owners of our puppies, we share our impressions, experiences and we try to give them our experiences that we gained during so many years of breeding. Their joy is our joy, too!

Saying good bye:
Puppies of american cockerspaniels leave from our place one week after vaccination and 3rd deworming, always with a buying contract. In adition each puppy will get its own "baby book" /written by us/, containing basic advice, with a little equipment for the first days in new home. Breeding service ( as show handling, advice, show training etc.) is a matter of fact.

Our big thanks belongs to our vet MvDr. Janka Hrušková, vet with golden hands, whose work is done by heart and whose work is very needful for us!!!!!

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